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Les rêves de l'Etat sont nos cauchemards
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Published May 31, 2008

Je dirais plutôt : “Les rêves de la société sont les cauchemards des individus.”


“The State’s dreams are our nightmares”

I would have said it otherwise : Society’s dreams are the individual’s nightmares.

Life at work has been less and less pleasurable. I think I’m soon going to quit my managerial position, its high salary and huge stress and responsabilities to go back to the life of delivery guy. Full time now. Just being out there in the daylight, driving along with the radio… When I used to do deliveries at night, it never felt like a job to me. Actually, each and everyday that I spent doing this, I was eager to get behind the driving wheel and hit the road. I haven’t been made to sit in a friggin office. In fact, I’ve not been made to work, and driving is what least resembles it.

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