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Published June 25, 2005

I decided to start this photoblog when I bought my first digicam in spring 2005, a Canon Powershot A510. Its purpose was to show my less worse photographs and help me progress as a photographer. Unfortunately, it seems I couldn’t get along with this compact digicam as it turned out most of the pics I took with it were the worst.
I, in fact, have learned the basics of photography when I was a teen with an old, all manual Canon FTb ql SLR. Not having enough cash to spend on a Digital SLR at the moment, I thought I’d just get a compact digicam that’d still have full manual control. But coming from my trusty ol’FTb, the compact tremendously lacks sharpness, shows a lot of purple fringing, has a HUGE depth of field (something I don’t like), and is in great pain when it comes to shooting scenes that have high contrast. Plus, I really can’t get used to framing with the LCD screen – the tiny viewfinder being useless. Hey, for 200 euros, what were you expecting?

Of course it only shows that I still have a lot to learn : I believe a good photographer can make a nice photograph with any camera. But still, I’m very disappointed with it at the moment.

So the blog is in sleep mode for the moment, as I’ve decided to just keep using my old film SLR, and eventually get a film scanner to post on the blog. Will probably post again in a couple o’ weeks.